M1 WhatsMiner ASIC Miner Rivals Bitmain S9

With the recent surge in popularity in Bitcoin and the rise in Bitcoin pricing, ASIC Bitcoin mining has become more profitable and is now in high demand. More and more people are now realizing the potential of this this hardware and are looking for options on ASIC miners. As the devices have become very sought after, the demand has outstripped supplies making them harder to find.

The first company in the space was a company called Bitmain. They started off with single chip ASIC then clustered them and now have 3 hash boards clusters in each miner bringing chip counts above 150.
After 2.5 years of Market dominance, Bitmain finally has some competitors to their ASIC miners. Whatsminer M1 is a similar product to the Bitmain S9 in that its got 2 large fans and is housed in a rectangular aluminum case. Whatsminer M1 produces 11.5Th/s hash rate and is plug and play. Its interface is simple to use and give off similar fan noise to the S9.

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